Rock Beyond Belief started as an ambitious project that put on free festivals consisting of secular speakers and musicians, both big name and small. We had massive success by stopping the evangelical proselytization aboard Fort Bragg and Camp Pendleton. We are a small grass-roots outfit, but we have the backing of many major secular and military foundations.


In the spirit of Richard Dawkins’ Out Campaign, we are embracing the fact that just by coming out and saying “we are non-theists, and also we are your firefighters, your military members, and your neighbors and friends” that we help to shed the negative connotations and debunk the myths associated with being a non-believer.


Join us!

“Don’t Pray? – Don’t Say!”

We find ourselves in the curious position of being on the front line of two types of war. One is tangible and you see it on the news every day, the other is the subterranean ideological battle that unfolds as the evangelical Christian groups work against the separation of church and state.


We are not going away. We are at a cross roads here. More and more people are coming forward, sticking their necks out just to say “I am not religious. Respect me equally.” I’m optimistic for the future, despite how rocky the situation is now.

Social Networking Outreach

We launched a YouTube channel, For the first video(s) we set the conservative talk radio show that interviewed Justin to relevant documents and pictures. That is actually a pretty decent place to start learning the actual details of the controversial aspects of our first approach with Fort Bragg. We’ve got some pretty sweet videos already in the works.


Side note: For a while now we’ve had the pretty active Facebook page for the festival, but a few people have been asking to connect with us personally. Click here for Paul.


And I do try to answer as much of the email traffic we get as possible. If you simply want to offer support and encouragement, feel free to use the contact form, as it sends mail to me directly. Your letters have kept us going, and I pass them along to the entire RBB staff.



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