The Rock Beyond Belief blog started out as a simple news feed for the festival in September 2010. It has since grown to be so much more. Now that there are two of us blogging and keeping you updated on the foxhole atheist movement in addition to breaking several stories to the mainstream crashed our servers so many times that it was simply time to move it off site.


We appreciate all of the support, so please continue to follow the RBB blog at its new home on Patheos.

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We’ve all heard it– that six-word phrase that inspires believers (you can always tell they’re inspired by the way they nod and make the affirmative humming noise) but makes our eyes twitch and our teeth grind. Six unassuming words, strung together to create an inordinate amount of animosity between two already divided groups. “There are [Read More]
A book titled “Helping the Retarded to Know God” is available for a bargain price on Amazon! In today’s market, there is certainly no shortage of self-help books. In a small corner of your local bookstore, you can learn to do everything from meditating, to fly fishing, to building a space shuttle out of six [Read More]
Carrie Underwood fans have recently been on a tirade bashing atheists for allegedly bashing her for singing about….*gasp* Jesus! Imagine that. A privileged Christian white woman from a predominantly privileged Christian white culture has released a song praising the predominant religious figure of her own religious preference which falls in line with 70% of the [Read More]
I haven’t ever really observed Memorial Day before. I have not maligned it nor just disregarded it, but I have never stopped and given the time to make remembrance. This year was especially hard for me. I went perusing through the military pages on facebook, typically filled with humor, insults, derogatory comments, veterans and active [Read More]

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