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All you did was die for your country, I died for your sins.... RATATATATAT!!

Keep evangelism and politics out of my military funeral, sign this.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the fabrication of a controversy surrounding military funerals for veterans in Texas (my home state). Three Congressmen from Texas are in the middle of a deceptive media blitz.

They are ‘standing up for’ a few private groups who like to officially incorporate their Christian prayer and ceremonies at the funerals of military veterans. The problem is, well… there is no problem!

There is no ban of mentioning ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ at funerals for veterans. These outside organizations simply need to ensure that their religious message is actually wanted by the grieving family. But that’s not good enough for them, they want to be entitled to religious ceremony at every funeral by default sans any form of permission.

They literally want to force Christian prayer over my dead body. But even that’s not good enough, they are now going for the jugular.

These groups aren’t being discriminated against in the slightest, they just need to get a form signed. When the Houston National Cemetery director Arleen Ocasio pointed to this fact, the Texas politicians and religious zealots made it their personal mission to get her fired.

The American Family Association (AFA) has issued a deceptive action alert to their members.

VA Bans Mention of God at Funerals for Vets

Send an email to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki. Ask him to

1) stop his department’s religious discrimination and

2) relieve Director Ocasio of her duties.

Counter the AFA’s publicity stunt before those dangerous TX politicians start drafting laws around this falsehood. Also, let’s attempt to save this poor woman’s job.

With just 1 minute of your time, you can help us debunk the propaganda and lies about “god” and “jesus” being banned from funerals. This is 100% false, and the zealots are winning the PR game.

In my capacity as the Military Director for American Atheists, I’m going to fight this insanity. Here’s an easy way that you can help.

***UPDATE: The message broke our email box, because so many of you helped out! Shifting off-site to compensate.***

We got up to 200 signatures in the first few hours (awesome!), but we’ve got to start over. It seems that about a thousand people had trouble signing it right after I went to bed (not that awesome.)

This new one is much more powerful, and it will CC many more relevant government officials. Please feel free to sign this version if you’ve already tried to send the first version.

If you are unfamiliar with the statements being made by the Texas politicians, I’m re-posting my handy-dandy scorecard below the fold. Continue reading